Monday, 2 January 2012

Giving your heart to others

All it means is to be helpful to others. When someone asks you for help or you see anyone who needs help, be it anything like a poor may ask for food, or someone struggling may ask for little money etc. then be grateful to the creator that he has given you in abundance so that you are in a position to help others, be grateful that others are asking for your help, be grateful for he has made you worth helping others. And with all your heart, feeling all the love for that person and gratefulness toward the creator (or god or whatever you believe in) offer that person whatever you can. Be grateful to that person for he is making you feel blessed, making you feel lucky and making you realize that you have in abundance, give that person your blessings along with material thing that you can offer . Even if someone does not need your help in terms of monetary still give that person your blessings, wish good for him, and do it from all your heart you will feel so blessed and so happy.

It is so important to learn the art of giving because the more you give from your heart the more you will receive. You have everything in infinite, you just need to feel it, the more you can feel it, the more you will receive. And giving others, thinking of others before yourself, making sure that no person who you meet goes empty handed (just offer a rose) makes you feel abundant, makes you feel blessed.
"If everyone knew the art of giving, no one would be complaining" - Gautam Buddha.

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