Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Get yourself uncomfortable

Every individual living on this planet has infinite potential, everyone has the capability to be and do whatever one dreams or thinks of. It is fear that stops us from doing great work, fear from taking risk stops us from being great, fear from change stops us from being awesome human being. Let fear come, it is natural for an normal being but don't provide fuel to your fear. The moment you fear something just go against your fear, the situation that make you uncomfortable embrace those situations, get more into the situation you get uncomfortable because everytime you act against your fear you get closer to become fearless, everytime you embrace uncomfortable situation you get closer to being comfortable in every situation. Everytime you act, you make your will power stronger, you become more confident, you get more closer to divine power, you get more closer to pure love because everytime you have acted against your fear you have let love become victorious.
Action makes you live the present moment completely, hence later you don't regret the past for not having acted and hence you do better work in the future, more concentrated work and hence you become more awesome human being. Don't get attached to the outcome, outcome is not important acting is important. You are born to act and not to think of the outcome. Just imagine hoe boring life would be if everything would go according to the way we wanted, so enjoy whatever the outcome. You fear when you get hooked on to a outcome and you doubt that it might not be the actual outcome. Outcome is not in your hand but action is definitely in your hand. So. just act, embrace the situation that get you uncomfortable, act in those situations, you will grow as a human being by leaps and bounds.

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