Saturday, 18 August 2012

Amazing motivational video from Robin Sharma!!

Amazing motivational video from Robin Sharma!! One of the best leadership coach on earth. Really inspiring and motivational. Watch it and share it..

Friday, 17 August 2012

Express to people

I call it as being expressive. You meet many people daily at your office or home or other place etc.. and often it happens is that your like a particular trait of the people or something about that person. It can be that you like the dedication of that person towards the work or the positive vibe he carries along or may be you could like the hairstyle of that person or the shirt of the person or you may find a person in particular handsome or beautiful.. Don't miss these opportunities. Take it as an opportunity to appreciate something. Go and tell him/her the quality you like about them or whatever you like about them. This method will not only give you many more friends but will also make you more sociable. It will increase your connections, will strengthen the connection with your current friends. many people shy away from complementing people of opposite sex, common guys and especially girls just do it in a good sense and people will appreciate it.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Thankyou ,thankyou and thankyou

Just thank god or universe or whatever higher power you believe in. Laws of universe are such the more grateful you are, more magical your life will become. Say thankyou for everything you have received, for everything you have and for everything you want to have. This is the quickest way to lift your feelings. Universe only operates in the releams of love and gratitude. So,the more love and gratitude you fell, more you are in sync with the universe. When you make thankyou your daily mantra, you purify the energy surrounding you, you make the energy more vibrant, more energetic. You fell more love when you are in state of gratitude. It is the purest form of energy and the most vibrant and the most energetic. When thankyou becomes your way of living your life becomes magical. It will become a mystery that others will try to understand. All the good things will start to happen. Say thankyou for all the things that you want to do but have always been delaying it. It will happen the very day. if you want something than be grateful for it as if you have received it now. Just keep thanking and eradicate the thought of lack  and cultivate the feeling of abundance, love and gratitude. THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Execute passion, energy and love.

It is your life, live it with passion, energy and love. Execute passion, energy and love in what ever you do.
Live with passion, be energetic and give love. Stop worrying about things, situations are the way they are supposed to be. Don't worry about anything because every second spend worrying is time taken away from creating something awesome. Have commanding attitude, command over your life, have command over your self. Love yourself, love others.  Destress yourself by working out everyday and workout fiercely, I mean it fiercely. Work hard during your working hours, don't carry the burden of your job after the working hours.
Love hard,Workout hard, Work hard. Live with ultimate energy, passion and love. Make it your dream life.
Give love to everyone, increase your connections, don't ignore anyone, strengthen your connections.
Do aleast five things daily that will transform your life. Live the present moment, live it hard, live it by yourself. Love your family immensely, love your friends immensely, love yourself immensely.JUST LOVE LOVE AND LOVE  more.Just LOVE it.