Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Plan your day

It is very important to plan your day, write it down and stick to it.If you don't write it down there's a huge possibility that you will get distracted during the day and miss out on activities that's most important to you. There's an old saying failing to plan is planning to fail. Every morning make a list of activities you need to perform during the day and put them in priority. Do the most important activity first followed by others. Remember to include activities like exercise, meditation,dancing, singing, perform these activities just for 30 days and you will see it will become your strength. It will improve your efficiency, improve the result of your work. Your outer world reflects your inner world.  Hence its very important to include these activities in your daily life and perform them daily. Don't spend all the time working. Make life first and your life will make a living for you.

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