1) What is Meditation?

In simple words meditation is a process in which you do nothing. Meditation is connecting yourself with your higher self. It is a process of connecting yourself with the infinite creative powers of the universe. You realize your true self. You enter into a magical state of thoughtlessness and then you are completely in the present. When you enter the state of thoughtlessness you start to awaken your true potential which lies dormant                  
as of now. 

2) How to meditate?
 Its very simple, while meditating you actually do nothing(not even thinking). To begin with close your eyes and  start to concentrate on your breath, just focus on your breath, breathing in and breathing out, remember breathe naturally don't intensely change your breathing pattern, don't play with your breath just feel your breath, keep all your focus on your breathe. Thoughts at first are bound to come and will distract you from your breath but don't react to your thoughts, just take your focus back to your breath, slowly the frequency of thoughts will reduce and at one point they will completely disappear, then you will be completely with your breath. it will take some days of practice, at beginning it will seem very difficult but remember don't react to your thoughts just take your focus back to your breath.

3) Benefits of meditation?

Benefits of mediation are many. It will get your mind focused, it will prevent your mind from being distracted, it will increase your confidence, it will increase your will power, it will improve your sixth sense. At this point I am not going to tell you more I leave it upto you to experience it for your self. Don't think of the benefits or you will not be able to mediate just meditate, your duty is to mediate and the benefits will come to you on its own. Don't focus on the benefits, focus on your breathe.

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