Wednesday, 18 January 2012

keys to happiness in life

We all know that happiness cannot be bought, no one sells happiness. you will not find anyone salesman saying buy happiness for $1000 or $5000. Happiness is a purest state of mind, whenever you are free of negative emotions you are happy, just remember as to how you feel when you see your small baby after you come home from day's work, all of a sudden your anger over your boss or over your junior is all gone and you are full of love and really very happy. You becoming happy after seeing your small baby is because of the feeling of love. Love is the greatest and the most purest emotions of all. Love is like a magic, it transforms your life within seconds. It makes wonders happen.Whenever you are in the state of love that energy and vibe can be felt around you and as a result you touch other peoples life also who come in contact with you.

Yes Love is the key to happiness. The more you love yourself,others and the circumstances more happiness you will get. Gautam Buddha was no extraordinary in terms of mass and muscle than you and me, he was extra ordinary in terms of giving love.

To give love you must love yourself first, only when you overflow with love than your love can reach others. There is no limit to the amount of love. It is infinite. You can fill the entire universe with your love. This is what Jesus Christ and Gautam Buddha did. They just loved. Love is the only solution to be happy and its indeed very easy to be happy. 

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