Thursday, 5 January 2012

Be centered to yourself

Don't think about others, never compare yourself to others, never compete with others and never regret not being like other person. If you want to compare and compete than do it with your yesterday and make sure that you are better in your today than you were yesterday. It's good to be inspired by other individuals but never aspire to become like them, you are unique and every individual on earth is unique, hence, be yourself, be grateful for what you are. If you compare yourself to others you will only loose your self confidence, if you think about others you again loose self belief. If you lack in confidence its only because you compare yourself to others and regret not being like them. You have the potential to be and do anything, just imagine yourself doing it, just feel yourself doing it and you will be shortly doing it and it will also boost your self confidence. It is very important to remember that you are below no one and above no one. Every individual is equal. Be inspired but aspire to inspire others. Just imagine yourself in your thoughts, imagine yourself being the individual you want to become. Its as simple as if you can imagine something you can achieve or become that.

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