Saturday, 11 February 2012

Recharge yourself on weekends

I find it very disturbing when someone tells me that they don't have time to enjoy even on weekends. If this is the case it means you have not managed your time during the week properly. Six days of work should be sufficient to earn you a one day holiday. Work hard during the entire week and on the weekend let there be no work. It should be just you, your family, your loved ones, your friends and loads of fun. Meditate for longer duration, workout harder, run the extra mile you have always wanted to run, buy the books you have thought of reading, connect with people you have always thought off but could not due to your ignorance, do some charity, relax, have a laugh with your family and friends or you could even catch a movie and go out dinning.
Plan your next week, set the targets, think upon the goals, useful thinking is the best activity that can be done if guided by action. Download some inspirational podcasts that will charge you up during the week, focus on all the things you have and not on things you don't have, you focus on abundance and you will have more of abundance. Sit in silence, embrace and adore silence.

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