Friday, 27 January 2012

Stress and worry is abnormal

Getting stressed out has become so common now days that we consider getting stressed out is normal. But it is not normal it is very abnormal, I know this fact can be a little hard to digest but it is true. People say that I have lost my job, I am not getting any new job how can I help but not worry.

Just for a moment put the scenario in this way that your friend is not getting a job while you are doing well then what would your advice be to him...

You would definitely say that worrying and getting stressed out is not going to help, you will soon find a good job just relax. I know it is easy said then done but this is the only solution.For a moment analyze what you need to get a job you must be confident, cool headed and you got to believe in yourself. Now if you worry and if you are stressed then do you retain these quality. Absolutely NO you loose them then how are you going to get the job.

Here you have to make a choice that I will be happy only if I get a job or achieve something or I will be happy and achieve. If you choose the former than you are going to worry and get stressed every time a obstacle comes in the way and quiet possible you might break down while if you choose the later you will be able to handle all the obstacle calmly and confidently and will definitely achieve your goal.

I recommend everyone practice yoga and meditation to control your mind and keep your body fit. Yoga and meditation has many benefits I have explained them in my older posts. To learn and practice yoga you can refer to the following books.

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