Thursday, 26 January 2012

It is only your response that matters

Many of you think that "I will be happy after I buy a new house or buy a new car or buy a diamond ring or get promotion etc. etc.". Fine given for a moment that you will be happy after you buy a new house. But in reality are you really happy even after you buy the new house, no then you think that I will be happy after I buy a new car or I will be happy after I get the interior designed even after this you are not happy, you keep postponing your happiness on something else.

Suppose you buy a beautiful jewellery set and you are very happy, then someone comes and says that this jewellery design is not good or it is fake, then what happens, you become unhappy again, you become terribly sad. Consider another scenario you buy a beautiful jewellery set and are very happy and another person looks at the set and thinks how sad I cannot afford this set and becomes unhappy and another person does not like the design and is looking for another design to become happy.

My friends what I am trying to convey here is that if the physical object or situation had contained happiness it would have given happiness to everyone but above we see that for same jewellery set the responses of different people is different  and it is their response that makes them happy or unhappy.

Consider this scenario after a failure one person goes in depression another suicides while another says okay I will start over again and goes way ahead. 

Remember one thing that the way you respond towards the object or situation determines whether you will be happy or unhappy and the way you respond is completely under your control because if the object or a situation had the power to generate your response then it would generate the same response for everyone. It is the way you choose to react that will make you happy or unhappy.

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