Friday, 30 December 2011

5 ways to have an amazing holiday

1. Meditate: Its a holiday time, you are not bounded on time, its upto you as to what you do with your time, so meditate for as long as possible. it will rejuvenate you, get you energy, make you lively.

2. Exercise: Spend time on your body, perform yoga asans and other form of yogic exercise or spend time in the gym or take a walk in the nature whichever you enjoy more. But sweat it out.

3. Travel:  Travel as much as possible, it will not only give you a break from your daily environment but also will teach you a lot, give you a different experience.

4. Relax: Relax at the beach or by a pool side or in a garden. Send time with your loved ones, play with them, it will increase your bonding with them.

5. Its time to Party: Its a new year time there is party going on everywhere, you can even host a party for your friends and family and let yourself loose on the dance floor and dance like there is no end.

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