Saturday, 28 January 2012

Dependency on stress

One day one of my friend was telling me that he performs his best when he is stressed, when there is pressure to finish the job, when the deadline has arrived. The belief system has become such that stress is necessary to perform at your peak, that stress in necessary to deliver your best. Stress has become a drive to achieve goals, it is replacing passion and love for the work. Is this the right way of working??

Consider this scenario suppose with age I get pain in my knee and I don't take care of it thinking it to be natural with age. I will still be walking but this time with a lot off pain. Suppose I live my days without taking adequate care of it, just trying to ignore it and then one day suddenly a situation arrives where I need to run, Then will I be able to run?? Absolutely NO.

Same is with stress. Look at a child he/she is never stressed. Just try to recall how you felt the last time you were stressed, which probably would not be very long back. If you cannot check it on emotional level just check it on physical level. Your heart beat must have increased, your pulse rate must have increased, at times your mouth becomes dry or your legs and hands start to tremble.You get a very uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. Your head gets heavy.

Now examine yourself did you perform better when you were stressed? NO, I can guarantee you would have performed better if you were calm and happy. Consider as a child when we went to give exams, due to anxiety we would make mistakes at places where we knew the answer and later after finishing the exams we would find those mistakes ourselves and call them careless or silly mistakes. Now, were those mistakes silly or we were silly to get anxious and nervous?

Load or pressure or targets are fine because if there would be no target we would take six days to do what we could do in 24 hours. It's a wrong belief that pressure creates stress. Absolutely no, pressure is just a situation.

   STRESS =                 PRESSURE (SITUATION)
                               RESILIENCE(INNER STRENGTH)

We have no control over situation(pressure) but we definitely have control over as to how we react to the situation(pressure) which is called inner strength. Our negative thoughts under pressure creates stress. Like suppose I need to complete certain work in the office by tomorrow that's a pressure a situation, anyhow I have to do the work. But here I can make a choice regarding my thoughts. Will my thoughts be negative or positive. If I start to think what if i am not able to finish the job, what if someone else finishes the job before me and takes away my promotion, if I do not finish I might get fired and on and on. These negative thoughts create the stress and not the pressure and then later after completing the work we say oh man this work was so stressful, wish I never have to face it again. Common is it right to blame the situation?

During pressure just take a little time to watch your thoughts and change them to positive ones, thoughts that will give you joy, thoughts that will make you love the situation. Negative thoughts create stress and not the situation.

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