Thursday, 19 January 2012

3 must do activities during the day

1. Exercise: Like food is required to survive same way pumping your heart is as important as eating. It is a fuel for your body. It is even more important than eating.It pumps oxygen into your lungs which oxygenates the blood in your body and as a result your entire body is rejuvenated. It is very sad that it is ignored by many of us. If you are a food lover I am not asking you to restrict your diet all you need to do is to workout rigorously for around 45 minutes daily, so that you can enjoy your food even more. I recommend doing yoga as it aligns mind and body and energizes the body by being aware of the breathe.

2. Love yourself: If you can do this trust me miracles will work in your life, here I don't mean being arrogant but a healthy respect and love for yourself. Trust me you are a genius, there's no one on earth like you, you are unique so why want to be like someone else. Be inspired by others but aspire to be yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others you have your own talents.

3. Focus on the abundance: focus on the abundance and not on lack as what you focus on is what you get more in life. Start to focus on all the things you have, just take a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the things you have from running water to electricity, from the house you have to the vehicle you drive, your family, your friends, your work which pays you, the good roads you get to travel on, the food you eat etc.
It will shift your energy from lack to abundance, it will create positive energy around you and you will see  within 3-4 minutes of this practice that you start to feel wonderful within. 

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