Thursday, 12 January 2012

5 ways to be happy

1. Be only in present moment: It is your present that has all the happiness and it is only the present that exists, past is history, tomorrow is mystery and present is a gift of god that's the reason it is called present.

2. Live your life: Stop thinking about others, stop thinking about what good or bad they did to you. All that matters is how good or bad you do to yourself, what you give to yourself is all that matters. Just be the person you want to become, just feel it at every level of having become that person in the present and you will develop the attitude required to become that person hence, you will become that person even without you realizing it.

3. Give in your 100%:  No matter what work you do your job is to give in your 100%, keep digging yourself to bring in more of yourself, keep bringing out that extra 1%, this 1% will make all the difference in your work.

4. Live today only: Never think that you will this job or that job tomorrow, you never know whether you will exist or not and even if you exist life is very short, days pass into weeks, weeks into months and months into years before we realize that our life is over. Don't be afraid of anything, fear only time. If you feel shy in doing something just remember that today is only of 24 Hrs and I don't know of tomorrow because every embarrassment falls in the face of death.

5. Care for your body and mind: I have explained the importance of exercise and meditation in my previous posts many times so I will not be explaining it here again. 

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