Friday, 30 December 2011

5 ways to have an amazing holiday

1. Meditate: Its a holiday time, you are not bounded on time, its upto you as to what you do with your time, so meditate for as long as possible. it will rejuvenate you, get you energy, make you lively.

2. Exercise: Spend time on your body, perform yoga asans and other form of yogic exercise or spend time in the gym or take a walk in the nature whichever you enjoy more. But sweat it out.

3. Travel:  Travel as much as possible, it will not only give you a break from your daily environment but also will teach you a lot, give you a different experience.

4. Relax: Relax at the beach or by a pool side or in a garden. Send time with your loved ones, play with them, it will increase your bonding with them.

5. Its time to Party: Its a new year time there is party going on everywhere, you can even host a party for your friends and family and let yourself loose on the dance floor and dance like there is no end.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Power of Yoga

It has become the hottest thing in the world, it has become a style statement. Film superstars do it, top sportsmen do it, business tycoon do it, bureaucrats do it, so everyone lets do it. It originated more than 5000 years ago during ancient Indian times. Its a meditation cum exercise process. It pumps you up, sweats you out and at the same time provides you bliss. Its an exercise routine that does not tire you. Any one who is looking for peace from the stress brought by daily work, then take up yoga. Its the only method to get rid of the daily stress and reach the state of blissfulness.Yoga connects your mind, body and soul. It makes you feel energetic and keeps you pumped up throughout the day, you remain full of energy even after your work is over in the evening. You become a lot more positive and happy. If anyone asks me one short way on how to be happy after all the problems life has, all I say is take up yoga.

Illness is caused due to stress and stress is caused when sufficient oxygen does not reach the mind. Yoga increases the oxygen level in your body.So, yoga cuts out stress and makes you healthy. When performed regularly it increases the oxygen level to an extent and beyond it that there is always sufficient oxygen present in your body and hence no lace for stress.There are two parts to yoga. First one concentrates on just breathing techniques called pranayam and the second one is physical exercise. To reach a state of bliss and happiness both must be performed. Physical exercise called  yoga asans  pumps your heart, pumps oxygenated blood to every part of your body and the pranayam takes care of your mind, it gets your mind focused, it releases all the negative thoughts and increases the efficiency of your mind.It improves your decision making techniques, makes you lot more joyfull and fun guy. Yoga is one short and simple way to reach the state of happiness.

Take care of your physical body

Vigorous exercise should be taken up as an everyday ritual. Start your day with vigorous exercise for atleast 45 minutes, it makes you breathe in fresh air, makes you sweat out, relaxes your mind. It increases your metabolism rate atleast for next 15 hours. Performed continuously it will restore the childhood energy, will give you energy to enjoy life, will make you feel more confident and comfortable.
It is even more important to exercise because you will not be able to take care of your mind if you don't care for your body. As you take care of your body, you start to take care of your mind. Exert physically everyday and you will soon awaken your physical potential. You age proof your life through consistent exercise.

Being in a state of vibrancy, being happy throughout the day comes by applying certain techniques on a daily basis and exercise is one of the techniques. For more techniques visit Happy Tools page.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Master your mind to be happy.

Life mastery begins and ends with mastery over our mind. Take deep care of the thoughts that you create in your mind. The quality of thoughts determine the quality of ones life. Be very articular as to what you think. What you are thinking at the moment will decide your future. Be very particular as to what you allow to come out of your mind i.e. your thoughts as it determines your character, behavior and actions. Have a focused mind. Invest some time in building your mind, have a real focused mind as focused mind is something that seperates happy people from the unhappy people, hold on to the thoughts that bring you joy.

Thoughts are the most important source of energy, once wasted you cannot reap the benefits of it. Focus your thoughts on your dream, have the courage to act on your dreams, feel the love for your dreams so that eventually you give out so much energy into the universe that it changes the way stars work for you. Your mind alone decides your destiny. It is one thing that you have total control over like you don't have control over other peoples action or you don't have control over a red light or over a traffic jam but you definitely have control over the way you respond to them.

"Only if people knew the art of giving they would never be complaining"- Gautam Buddha

You receive many times more of what you give.You give out love for others you will receive plenty of love, you give out hatred for others you will receive much more of it. So, if you want to be happy, feel the happiness when you see other people happy, rejoice their success as yours. If you want money, feel the love for money, donate money happily as if you have infinite amount of it, be grateful for the amount of money you currently have, feel happy when you see other rich people. Once you begin to feel happy for others, feel the love for others your life will move into extraordinary realms.

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Imagine what you want.

Your mind alone decides as to how happy you are. What you perceive in your mind becomes reality. Your mind is the greatest gift of god. If you let your mind perceive something as true becomes a reality. Your thoughts determine what type of life you are living. If you are not happy with your current circumstances in life it is because you have thought of more events or things that bring you unhappiness rather than those that bring you happiness.

Your mind is a very bad servant but an excellent master.Once you gain control over your mind miracles will happen.Your mind makes a life for you, so spend some less time in making a living and start to spend time in making a life for yourself.  

Your beliefs are determined by what you think again and again and your beliefs determine your attitude and your attitude determines your action which eventually decides as to what you do and what you are. Your thoughts determine as to what you have in life and what not. Whatever you constantly think of is transformed into reality. So, whatever is it that you want from life or whatever you want to become in life, whatever gives you joy, just think of it and imagine it. Remember just imagination is not sufficient, you got to feel it, you have to have the feeling of happiness of having it right now. Having the feelings of happiness, feelings of joy will give you the feelings of having it now and the more you feel of having it now the faster it will emerge.

Your current circumstances is a result of what you have thought in past and your current thoughts will determine your future. Your past thoughts have determined as to how happy you are and your current thoughts will determine your happiness from this moment. Dare to dream, dare to hold on to your dream, dare to believe in your dream, your life will never be the same. The difference between you and the most successful and happiest people you see is only in terms of thoughts and nothing else. Think of, imagine of whatever you want from life or whatever you want to become. If you want to be acting more confidently imagine it, if you want to a particular car imagine the car.Whatever it is imagine it but your imagination should be believable to you. 

"Live life out of your imagination and not by memory"- from the book, the monk who sold his Ferrari.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Live your dreams!!

"Live your dreams, don't let obstruction get into the way of your dreams"
Steve Jobs has been one of the greatest visionary on modern times. When he was criticized for his dreams of making a system without a fan or for making an iPod, all he had to say was that it is my dream and I am gong to live by it. The greatest dilemma of human mind is that it tends to doubt its own thoughts. If you want to do yourself a favor then don't doubt your dreams. You have a genius within you which can accomplish everything that you can think of. Dreams are to be celebrated. Whatever your dream is dream on it everyday for atleast 10 minutes. Then start to act on your dream, even if it means starting from the scratch. Start small, dream big and bring about daily addition and improvement to your action. Make sure your today is better than yesterday. Just believe in yourself. More your dreams are criticized, more extraordinary your dream is.

It's very important that we live the life that we dream of. Make sure you are not living the life as your arents or society see it to be. Create a life for yourself. Break all the rules and then create rules for yourself. Living life on your own terms is the greatest source of happiness. Take calculated risks everyday, as at the end of the day it is not the failure you will regret, you will regret not having taken the risk. Start to work towards your dream and once you start your work, don't abandon it, dont fear failure. People who work sincierly toward their dream are most happiest.

For the next few days I will be sharing tools that will help you accomplish your dream as working towards your dream is the greatest source of happiness.

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Sunday, 18 December 2011

What is Happiness??:)


Happiness is just a state of mind. Happiness is a feeling where life seems to be beautiful. It is a feeling where you love yourself and everything around you. It is a feeling where you are grateful for everything that you have. It is a feeling where you are energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day. It is a beautiful feeling where you perform your best at everything you do. You give in your 100% at everything you do.It is a feeling where you get out of your bed every morning energetic and full of enthusiasm, feeling beautiful and looking forward for the day. It is an awesome feeling where are busy enjoying the present rather than living the past or thinking about the future, which actually does not exist.Yes, my friend if anything exist it is only the present and just live it, present is so beautiful and so much fun.

Happiness is a feeling where you enjoy every bite of food that you eat, food is one of the greatest gift of God, enjoy the delicacies that you eat. It is a feeling where you express your love for your family, friends and loved ones.It is a state where you love yourself and care for your beautiful body and amazing mind.

Happiness is a state where you enjoy others success as if it was your own.It is a feeling where you realize that you can be or do anything or achieve anything.Let me tell you if you can think of something that in itself is a sufficient proof that you can have that stuff or be that person or do that stuff. It is a feeling where you just focus on all the good things you have and think about only the good things you want from life.

It is an awesome feeling where you are a lot more relaxed, you live your life and stop thinking about other person as by doing so you are living someone's else life. It is a feeling where you stop judging situations or things. You stop labeling them as good or bad, right or wrong. It is your experience and thought that makes  the situation good or bad, right or wrong.All circumstances are important in life. Every situation is beautiful.

It is feeling where you are just grateful to be alive and the fact that you have some work to do. It is a feeling where you do your work with such passion and enjoyment as Beckham played football with. It is feeling where you automatically lift up everyone who comes in contact with you.

It is a beautiful feeling,just be happy, it is so lovely to be happy. Your life becomes so much more fun and a lot easier than you can ever imagine. All the obstacles from your life seem to disappear. You start to receive all the beautiful things from life that you always wanted.Remember the feeling you get when you see a small baby specially someone who is yours, you are full of love. that is a state of pure happiness. Just be in that frequency throughout the day.:)