Friday, 13 January 2012

5 ways on how to love myself

No matter who you are, where you are, what you are,you are perfect. You are a tremendous creation, you are bundle of infinite energy and power. You are wonderful and beautiful. You have the potential to be and achieve anything. Your mind is the best gift you could ever get. You are absolutely lucky to be having eyes to be reading this article, for having the hands to operate the computer, for having a beautiful mind which makes your body function. You are a unique creation of god, no one on earth is like you, you are just amazing. Your natural state is love, once you get back to your natural state you will be over flowing with love, you will feel so beautiful within.

Here are 5 techniques to love yourself:
1. Imagine yourself: Just sit down, close your eyes and with all your concentration imagine yourself having become the person you want to be. Remember that you are only imagining yourself doing stuffs and acting the way you would if you were that person and don't imagine any other individual. Imagine it and feel it at every level, having the feeling of having become is most important.

2. Mirroring: Whenever you are in front of the mirror just jump with joy, and with all your love look at yourself in the mirror and say to your image with all the fun and expression "I looooovvvveeee yooouuuu, yoooouuuuu are aweeeeesomeeeee, you are amazing". The whole idea behind this exercise is to see you having the love and respect for yourself.

3. Practice gratitude: Thank god for making you the way you are, be grateful to be you, be grateful for eyes you see with, be grateful for your ears, be grateful for the nose, be grateful for the mouth you eat and speak with, be grateful for the hands you have,be grateful for the legs you have, be grateful for the computer you have,be grateful to be alive,be grateful for this day,be grateful for your family,be grateful for the house you live in,be grateful for the food you eat,be grateful for the vehicle you drive,be grateful for your friends. Be grateful for everything around you. The idea behind this is to feel abundance, this is the most amazing practice to follow. Be grateful from all your heart.

4. Exercise : Do yoga or any other exercise daily, it makes you feel sexy and amazing, and until you don't feel amazing you wont be able to do amazing stuff. Yoga releases all the negative emotions from your mind and helps you becoming centered.

5. Be with yourself: Whenever during the day you feel let down or feel like you are lacking confidence, just         
start to focus on your breath, just cut off from all the noise around you and get your focus only on yourself, just feel that no one exists around you it is only you. It is very handy tool to get focus back to yourself. 

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