Gratitude Page

"Gratitude is the best lesson that can be taught and thankyou is the best word that can be learnt"- Gautam Buddha

Power of the word thankyou is immense. Albert Einsten, the greatest scientist always thanked others for the great invention he always made. Once you start to feel grateful for everything around you, you put your mind in the highest possible state. You eliminate all the negative emotions and you come to the highest positive state. Its a state of where you naturally feel the love for everything around you. Say thankyou from all your heart, feel it at every level of your body. Thank god, the creator or what ever you believe in its all the same.

Say thankyou from all your heart, here are few things to be grateful for:

 1.  Be grateful to your parents and god for creating you.
 2.  Be grateful  for your family.
 3.  Be grateful for your job, not everyone has a job to do.
 4.  Be grateful for the food you eat, millions of people don't have food to eat.
 5.  Be grateful for the house you live in, millions of people don't have roof over their head.
 6.  Be grateful for the amazing body that functions on its own to keep you alive.
 7.  Be grateful for the nose through which you            breathe and smell.
 8.  Be grateful for the air you breathe in.
 9.  Be grateful for your ears.
10. Be grateful for the sounds you hear.
11. Be grateful for your eyes.
12. Be grateful for the birds and animals around you.
13. Be grateful for the plants and trees around you.
14. Be grateful for the clothes you wear
15. Be grateful for the skin on your body which allows you to sense.
16. Be grateful for the sun.
17. Be grateful for the roads for travel on.
18. Be grateful for your computer.
19. Be grateful for being educated.
20. Be grateful for the vehicle you drive in.

This list can be never ending. make a list of all the things you are grateful for and read it atleast once a day and do it from all your heart, you will start to feel blessed and will become a lot happier. Trust me if you are reading this than you are very blessed.