Saturday, 11 February 2012

Take a break

Work in intervals. Don't work like a freak. Stay extremely focused while you are working. Cut off from everything while you are working, fall in love with your work. While working do things that are productive, activities that you will gain from, activities that will help you grow. Strive to achieve, work hard for it as achievements will definitely give you happiness but remember don't tie the knot of your happiness to your achievements, be happy while you are working, this attitude will help you achieve your goal even faster..
What I am trying to point is that don't end up working 24 hours a day. Don't become a work addict. work in intervals like for 2-3 hours then give yourself 20-25 minutes break and during the break have a gala. Listen to music, talk to your loved ones, connect with people you should connect with or best is stretch yourself  or sit in silence as it will not get you distracted and will keep you focused.

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