Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Eat up your fear before it eats you!!

Fear is nothing but a negative feeling, a feeling that you might loose something, a feeling that something might harm you, but what most of us fail to recognize is nothing can harm us until we let it harm us ourselves. For normal human beings fear is natural, it is something most of us cannot have control over but we can definitely suppress it by immediately bringing in positive thoughts. Fear will stop us from doing certain job but whether you let your will power dominate or your fear is something you choose. Fearing can be natural but not doing a certain job due to fear is weakness. If you fear then its good it prevents you from being over confident but if you get scummed to your fear then its a weakness. Never scummb to fear. Every time you let your fear dominates you provide it with more fuel, you make it more powerful and yourself weak.

Best way to control your fear is to go and collide with it, go and face it head on. When ever you fear doing something just gather guts and move ahead without second thought and trust me you will realize that there was nothing to fear about. Do stuffs that make you uncomfortable, stretch your limit. Your limit or your potential is something that is defined by you. Explore you hidden potential, always stretch yourself be it running the extra mile or getting up in the morning or giving a talk or talking to a stranger.

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