Saturday, 18 February 2012

Awaken the divine inside you

Don't get shocked, there is divine inside everyone of us, its just that the negativity of our thoughts and our negligence have made it dormant. Yes its true that everyone of us is divine, we all have the same divine powers that created this universe. We were all divine on our first day i.e. the day we were born. We all had the power to get everyone to love us even when we cried. But with days as our thoughts built up we suppressed this divine power.  The only way to awaken the divine is by giving love. Love has the power to move things around. Love is magic. It is the only power with which the universe functions and we all are abundant with it. The more love you give, more in sync you get with the universe i.e. the divine and more in sync you get with the divine, more divine you become. Divine power is nothing but the power of love and you too are abundant with it. you don't need to seek love outside, you are abundant with it, the moment you start seeking it more unhappy you become. So, don't look for love just give love. More you give love more happy you will become.

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