Monday, 13 February 2012

Cut out the noise

It means to keep your focus on yourself and not on others. In a day an average human spends 65% of his/her thoughts thinking about others, focusing on what others have and they don't have, regretting the talents they don't have or money they don't have etc.. etc. If you are habituated to this type of thinking then wake up. Just realize the blunder you are making. The difference between you and the people you admire or idolize is not in bones and flesh its just in thoughts. Highly successful people send their thoughts creating life for themselves while you are just wasting your thoughts.

So, focus on all the things you have, feel the abundance, feel grateful for everything you have be it even for running water, dream about yourself,dream having become the person you have wanted to become, dream about things you want, let no thought of negativity of lackness come. This is the key to happy life and key to achieving what you want to achieve.

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