Saturday, 18 February 2012

Create your own rules

Break the existing tradition, the existing thought process of the society and a new convention will be setup. As Robin Sharma says "The best way to redefine convention is to break the existing convention". Make sure you live your life on your terms, on your beliefs. You do what you want to, you become what you want to, you decide what is right and wrong for yourself, you don't let your neighbors or friends affect your action. At the end of the day when you go to sleep it is your action that will give you pleasure and the time wasted on thinking about neighbors and friends will haunt you.  You can continue getting affected by the society or create your own rules and let others follow it. This is the first step towards success, creating and following your own rules. Whatever you perceive becomes a reality. No one creates your reality, it is only you who is responsible for your action and state of being. World is the way you look at it. Just keep aside all the thoughts that limit you, you can have and be infinite of anything. You are infinite energy. Your thoughts are your energy and this energy creates your reality.

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