Thursday, 16 February 2012

Connect with the divine

Everyone of us do believe that there is some power more powerful than us, some power that has created the universe, some power that has created the laws of the universe. Now some believe it be god in different forms, some believe it to be a natural force, whatever you believe in its all the same and we can call it the divine power. There is no power more powerful than the divine power, no energy more energetic than the divine. So, every day connect with him, make a connection with the divine power so that the divine inside you start to awaken. You don't need special prayer for it. Just say thankyou from bottom of your heart for everything you have, for everything good you have received. More than saying it you need to feel it because it is your feelings make the connection. And once you establish the connection by feeling grateful to the divine you enter the realms of extraordinary. Gautam Buddha was just an ordinary human being like you and me in terms of flesh and blood but extraordinary in his feelings.

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