Thursday, 29 December 2011

Power of Yoga

It has become the hottest thing in the world, it has become a style statement. Film superstars do it, top sportsmen do it, business tycoon do it, bureaucrats do it, so everyone lets do it. It originated more than 5000 years ago during ancient Indian times. Its a meditation cum exercise process. It pumps you up, sweats you out and at the same time provides you bliss. Its an exercise routine that does not tire you. Any one who is looking for peace from the stress brought by daily work, then take up yoga. Its the only method to get rid of the daily stress and reach the state of blissfulness.Yoga connects your mind, body and soul. It makes you feel energetic and keeps you pumped up throughout the day, you remain full of energy even after your work is over in the evening. You become a lot more positive and happy. If anyone asks me one short way on how to be happy after all the problems life has, all I say is take up yoga.

Illness is caused due to stress and stress is caused when sufficient oxygen does not reach the mind. Yoga increases the oxygen level in your body.So, yoga cuts out stress and makes you healthy. When performed regularly it increases the oxygen level to an extent and beyond it that there is always sufficient oxygen present in your body and hence no lace for stress.There are two parts to yoga. First one concentrates on just breathing techniques called pranayam and the second one is physical exercise. To reach a state of bliss and happiness both must be performed. Physical exercise called  yoga asans  pumps your heart, pumps oxygenated blood to every part of your body and the pranayam takes care of your mind, it gets your mind focused, it releases all the negative thoughts and increases the efficiency of your mind.It improves your decision making techniques, makes you lot more joyfull and fun guy. Yoga is one short and simple way to reach the state of happiness.

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