Thursday, 22 December 2011

Imagine what you want.

Your mind alone decides as to how happy you are. What you perceive in your mind becomes reality. Your mind is the greatest gift of god. If you let your mind perceive something as true becomes a reality. Your thoughts determine what type of life you are living. If you are not happy with your current circumstances in life it is because you have thought of more events or things that bring you unhappiness rather than those that bring you happiness.

Your mind is a very bad servant but an excellent master.Once you gain control over your mind miracles will happen.Your mind makes a life for you, so spend some less time in making a living and start to spend time in making a life for yourself.  

Your beliefs are determined by what you think again and again and your beliefs determine your attitude and your attitude determines your action which eventually decides as to what you do and what you are. Your thoughts determine as to what you have in life and what not. Whatever you constantly think of is transformed into reality. So, whatever is it that you want from life or whatever you want to become in life, whatever gives you joy, just think of it and imagine it. Remember just imagination is not sufficient, you got to feel it, you have to have the feeling of happiness of having it right now. Having the feelings of happiness, feelings of joy will give you the feelings of having it now and the more you feel of having it now the faster it will emerge.

Your current circumstances is a result of what you have thought in past and your current thoughts will determine your future. Your past thoughts have determined as to how happy you are and your current thoughts will determine your happiness from this moment. Dare to dream, dare to hold on to your dream, dare to believe in your dream, your life will never be the same. The difference between you and the most successful and happiest people you see is only in terms of thoughts and nothing else. Think of, imagine of whatever you want from life or whatever you want to become. If you want to be acting more confidently imagine it, if you want to a particular car imagine the car.Whatever it is imagine it but your imagination should be believable to you. 

"Live life out of your imagination and not by memory"- from the book, the monk who sold his Ferrari.

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