Sunday, 25 December 2011

Master your mind to be happy.

Life mastery begins and ends with mastery over our mind. Take deep care of the thoughts that you create in your mind. The quality of thoughts determine the quality of ones life. Be very articular as to what you think. What you are thinking at the moment will decide your future. Be very particular as to what you allow to come out of your mind i.e. your thoughts as it determines your character, behavior and actions. Have a focused mind. Invest some time in building your mind, have a real focused mind as focused mind is something that seperates happy people from the unhappy people, hold on to the thoughts that bring you joy.

Thoughts are the most important source of energy, once wasted you cannot reap the benefits of it. Focus your thoughts on your dream, have the courage to act on your dreams, feel the love for your dreams so that eventually you give out so much energy into the universe that it changes the way stars work for you. Your mind alone decides your destiny. It is one thing that you have total control over like you don't have control over other peoples action or you don't have control over a red light or over a traffic jam but you definitely have control over the way you respond to them.

"Only if people knew the art of giving they would never be complaining"- Gautam Buddha

You receive many times more of what you give.You give out love for others you will receive plenty of love, you give out hatred for others you will receive much more of it. So, if you want to be happy, feel the happiness when you see other people happy, rejoice their success as yours. If you want money, feel the love for money, donate money happily as if you have infinite amount of it, be grateful for the amount of money you currently have, feel happy when you see other rich people. Once you begin to feel happy for others, feel the love for others your life will move into extraordinary realms.

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