Monday, 19 December 2011

Live your dreams!!

"Live your dreams, don't let obstruction get into the way of your dreams"
Steve Jobs has been one of the greatest visionary on modern times. When he was criticized for his dreams of making a system without a fan or for making an iPod, all he had to say was that it is my dream and I am gong to live by it. The greatest dilemma of human mind is that it tends to doubt its own thoughts. If you want to do yourself a favor then don't doubt your dreams. You have a genius within you which can accomplish everything that you can think of. Dreams are to be celebrated. Whatever your dream is dream on it everyday for atleast 10 minutes. Then start to act on your dream, even if it means starting from the scratch. Start small, dream big and bring about daily addition and improvement to your action. Make sure your today is better than yesterday. Just believe in yourself. More your dreams are criticized, more extraordinary your dream is.

It's very important that we live the life that we dream of. Make sure you are not living the life as your arents or society see it to be. Create a life for yourself. Break all the rules and then create rules for yourself. Living life on your own terms is the greatest source of happiness. Take calculated risks everyday, as at the end of the day it is not the failure you will regret, you will regret not having taken the risk. Start to work towards your dream and once you start your work, don't abandon it, dont fear failure. People who work sincierly toward their dream are most happiest.

For the next few days I will be sharing tools that will help you accomplish your dream as working towards your dream is the greatest source of happiness.

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