Wednesday, 7 March 2012

how to master myself

How to master myself? here I am not talking about myself but you. so as how do you master yourself?

Mastering requires nothing but strong will power. You have strong will power  then you are master of yourself.
Strong will power means guiding your actions by your mind and not your heart.
For different individuals the definiton of "mastering myself" would be different according to their professions and desires. But the basic meaning of "mastering myself "is the same for everyone. It means taking action so as one is able to perform at the peak of ones ability and achieve heights.

Basically there is only step to mastering your action and developing strong will power and that is

 Go against your will power: It means to do stuff you have always wanted to do but never did, It means going against your heart and challenging yourself to do something you are not comfortable doing. It can be getting up at 5 in the morining, running the extra mile while on the jog, thanking people for every small contribution the make towards your life etc.etc.

Every time you go against your heart you provide fuel and energy to your will power and build your inner strength. A moment will come when this energy will explode and you will be master of yourself. But what I suggest is don't wait for that moment rather enjoy the process. Once you start to enjoying doing stuff you are not comfortable doing you will realize yourself that you have become an awesome human being.


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  4. There is so much happiness here - very proud of your work!
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