Tuesday, 6 March 2012

motivation for workout

It is the best you can do to yourself. It is even more important than eating. If you just go on eating without any physical workout at a stage you start to feel guilty, but when you eat after workout, the taste of food just doubles, you enjoy the food even more. This is my greatest source of motivation for workout, so that I can enjoy my food even more and eat more. The purpose of workout is to pump positive energy in you. After workout just notice for yourself you actually don't regret anything, you become a lot more positive.

Pumping your heart sets oxygenated blood rushing all over your body, which makes you happy and positive, it increases your self esteem, your concentration. It makes you feel good within and until you don;t feel good within you cannot do good outside. What you do outside is reflection of how you feel within.

Imagine getting in shape is so awesome, whenever you see someone in really good shape you envy him/her. So, why envy, why not jump out of the couch and start working out. If you don't like going to gym you can workout in an open park, this is something I personally prefer or you can join some yoga classes.Just imagine how awesome it would be to get fit and wear the clothes you have always wished you could wear. Let me warn you don;t expect miracles to happen, give it some time before you start seeing the results..:)

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