Thursday, 12 April 2012

become enlightened

When we speak of the word enlightened first name that comes to our mind is Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira. Lord Buddha always taught to be grateful. To become enlightened you don't have to meditate for years, you just need to be grateful. Enlightened people are no different than you and me they just realize that life is nothing but pure magic. Being enlightened means realizing that your current circumstance is the best that could have been, the present moment only has the power to change the world. it means realizing that you are a special child and you are unique like everyone else. It means realizing that everyone who comes into your life has a purpose and you have the power to extract the best out of it. It means realizing that life is just magical, you go to sleep and wake u is magical in itself. you breathe unconsciously is magical in itself. You walk unconsciously is again a magic, you drive to your work and back home safely with your mind lost somewhere else is another magic, so many people on different parts of the world work so that you can have your food is just magical. I am here updating my blog in INDIA and you are on other part of the planet reading this is just a miracle.
A fruit effortlessly grows out of a seed just for you is pure magic. You are blessed to have eyes to read is so magical. Billions of people on earth understand the language english is so magical. Just continue listing down the magics in your life and you will see the difference in feeling between former you and current you, and this difference is enlightenment.

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