Friday, 17 August 2012

Express to people

I call it as being expressive. You meet many people daily at your office or home or other place etc.. and often it happens is that your like a particular trait of the people or something about that person. It can be that you like the dedication of that person towards the work or the positive vibe he carries along or may be you could like the hairstyle of that person or the shirt of the person or you may find a person in particular handsome or beautiful.. Don't miss these opportunities. Take it as an opportunity to appreciate something. Go and tell him/her the quality you like about them or whatever you like about them. This method will not only give you many more friends but will also make you more sociable. It will increase your connections, will strengthen the connection with your current friends. many people shy away from complementing people of opposite sex, common guys and especially girls just do it in a good sense and people will appreciate it.

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